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Original Sound Production

From instrumentation to vocals and everything in between, we have a team of producers and vocal artists that specialize in music production. Whether it's Country, Pop or Electronic Dance Music, there is no style that we can't produce and no task that is too big. We have set the trend for the passed 20 years in the cheer and dance industry. And we don't plan to so slow down.


Unrivaled Quality

There are numerous cheer and dance music companies that claim to be original and professional. They attempt to duplicate what we've done over the passed 2 decades. However our quality of work combined with originality sets us apart from all others. Ask around and hear our work for yourself. You will agree.


Professional Service

All companies will promise timeliness, on-time services, communication and accommodation. However very few (if any) will deliver. We've even heard and witnessed horror stories of producers using their prestige, status or for lack of a better word "ego" making customers feel obligated to what the producer says. 


THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE! And you shouldn't be made to feel "this is the way it works!" Because it's not... There's not a company that will live-up to what we provide. Not only will we give you the best product in the industry, but we will communicate with you every step of the way so that you can say "we have THE SOUND!"


Here you'll find several music videos, music samples as well as other audio works that we've done for you to reference. Take your time and enjoy "WE ARE CHEER MUSIC",

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If you've ordered a custom mix, please tell us about your team! Between raps, singing and tying in your instrumental production, this information will be used in your lyrical and sound production process. Even small slogans, team chants and nicknames, or anything that your kids like to say amongst themselves that apply to the program; it ALL helps greatly!

We Are Cheer Music
PO Box 95
Sewel, NJ 08080

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